Road crashes kill 7000 people annually- Research

Research by the Makerere University School of Public Health on road safety indicates that up to 7000 people die every year in Uganda due to road traffic crashes, higher than the 3500 that police reports

Behavioral Change key in reducing road carnage

Kampala Capital City Authority commits to work towards reducing road carnage in Kampala and surrounding areas and risk factors that endanger the lives of people

The situation on abortion services in Uganda

  Over 2 million pregnancies are recorded in Uganda annually, however over 800,000 of these end up in abortions often unsafe.

Better Health Services, But Challenges Remain – Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Healthy reports improvements in the health sector, despite new and growing challenges. According to the Annual Health Sector Performance Report (AHSPR) 2017/2018, the health sector registered improvements in a number of indicators including maternal health indicators with Antenatal Care improving by 11%, supervised deliveries by 4% and

Transitioning into community health insurance

  Heath advocates further reiterate the need for public private partnerships in fostering Universal Heath Coverage. This follows a partnership with district local governments and The USAID Uganda Voucher Plus Activity, that seeks to build the capacity of health workers and managers to implement Community Health Insurance (CHI)schemes. This includes engaging the